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Welcome to Tweaked at Chez Jan de la Dayton....translated to 'tweaked at Jan's house in Dayton'! Sounds fancy, but it's not. If you choose to share a recipe, be kind and give me kudos for it. The pictures are NOT to be taken off this blog unless used in a direct link to this blog. Once upon a time I was a Weight Watchers leader....that chapter is closed. But I still like to eat and bake and don't like the weight that finds its way to me too easily. So I go find delicious-sounding recipes and tweak them. Some recipes, however, just don't turn out right if they're tweaked. I've not posted anything....so far.....that isn't WW friendly. That might change, and I'll warn you if I post something with 'scary' P+ values. For those who don't use substitutions, the ratio for Splenda granulated/sugar is 1:1 and the ratio for egg substitute/eggs is 1/4 cup of egg sub = 1 egg. Now.....let's have some fun in the kitchen!!!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Pork Roast in a Cast Iron Dutch Oven

The holidays are over, and I, for one, am glad! I managed to be sick from Christmas Day until! I'm still fighting the coughing part of this cold/flu/crud junk that's going around. But yesterday was the first day in weeks that I was actually starting to feel like me again and had some energy to do more than sleep. I haven't really been in the kitchen much, so decided to wake the kitchen up with this absolutely fantastic dinner. I will admit......I even impressed ME with this one! While this was cooking, I was just hoping it would taste a little bit as good as it smelled because my house smelled delicious! Well, it came out better than my expectations. Can't wait for dinner tonite.....leftovers!!!

Serves @6

3 pound boneless pork roast
3 – 5 garlic cloves, peeled and chopped
1 small onion, thinly sliced
5 or 6 celery sticks, sliced in half long-ways and then cut into @2” chunks
5 or 6 carrots, peeled, sliced in half long-ways and then cut into @2” chunks
5 or 6 small red potatoes, cut in half
2 cups water
1 TBSP Kitchen Bouquet
salt & pepper to taste
1 TBSP coconut oil

Preheat oven to 350°.

Melt coconut oil in the cast iron Dutch Oven over medium high heat.

Salt & pepper all sides of the pork roast.

When the oil begins to 'smell hot' (you'll be able to tell), place the roast in the pot. Leave for a minute or so without moving it; then rotate to brown on all sides.

Lay the garlic and onion around the sides of the roast and stir a bit to let them 'brown'. Add the rest of the veggies.

Mix the 1 TBSP of Kitchen Bouquet with the 2 cups of water; pour over pork and veggies. Bring to a boil.

Turn off the burner, put the lid on the Dutch Oven and place it on the lower rack in the preheated oven.

'Rule of thumb' is to cook the roast for at least 30 minutes per pound. Remove from oven when done.....plate and enjoy!!!

So juicy!!!

My plate.....sorry for the shadow!
MY SPIN: The original recipe called for lard instead of coconut oil.....I prefer the coconut oil. Also, the celery, carrots and potatoes weren't in the original recipe, but this makes such a nice, one-pot meal. I didn't figure up the P+ for this because of too many variables (if you used lard instead of the coconut oil....how much meat you eat). You can also make a gravy from the 'drippings' by mixing 2 TBSP cornstarch with ½ cup water and whisking that into the drippings; bring to a boil; taste and season with salt & pepper if needed.

Loving Life!

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